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Get our Free Storybook this festive period.

Phillis Wheatley, the girl who wrote her way to freedom.

A story by Bunmi Oyinsan (PhD), illustrated by Natalia Cano.


Get our Free Storybook this festive period.

Mansa Musa, the richest man whoever lived.

A story by Bunmi Oyinsan (PhD), illustrated by Sardar Hammad Khan.


Welcome to your daycare curriculum for infants

Choosing the right curriculum can be overwhelming. Thankfully we have taken this hassles off your neck. We have put together a detailed preschool curriculum that is convenient, comprehensive and cost effective covering the areas of child sensory development, cognitive development, communications, fine and gross motor skills, craft and colouring and much more. Nurturing Minds Daycare curriculum is used by thousands of women around the world.

We have gone further to include short animations to help you understand each component and follow effectively.


Our Packages

6 - 9 months

This daycare curriculum covers themes and activities to improve sensory and cognitive skills, communication skills, social and emotional skills, gross motors skills and fine motor …Read more

10 - 12 months

This daycare curriculum package offers activities that engages in the infant in activities that aid sensory development, cognitive skills, numbers work, social and emotional skills…Read more

13 - 15 months

Many 13-month-olds are beginning to get interested in mimicking their parents as they do house chores and playing games. An artist may even be budding in your house. This curriculu…Read more

16 - 18 months

Toddlers this age can now decide if they want to be patient or not, careful or helpful. Conscience is being developed so don’t be surprised to catch them deep in thoughts on how th…Read more

19 - 21 months

At this stage toddler’s language skill accelerates, sorting and classification abilities also improves and helps them distinguish the world around them like plant versus animals, b…Read more

22 - 24 months

Toddlers this age are still in the language-building phase and its exciting. They are up for a name-your-body-part game of “where’s your toes/belly button/nose? They will also be i…Read more

25 - 27 months

This curriculum is designed to aid toddler development as their body and brains continue to grow in variety of ways. Toddlers this age like to use their hands (fine motor skills), …Read more

28 - 30 months

At this age, kids’ vocabulary undergoes an explosion. In fact, they begin to understand nuances and may have started calling themselves us or we which means they are now beginning …Read more

31 - 33 months

Playtime is also learning time for kids this age, so make sure they have plenty of time to use their motor skills and imagination. Let the child match up pictures of animals to ani…Read more

34 - 36 months

The best 3-year-old preschools focus on play and socialization; kids learn by exploring and interacting. They also gradually learn how to wait their turn, stand in line and follow …Read more

Setup Documents

Providing day care for children is a big and serious responsibility. A crèche and daycare service provides people with an opportunity to pursue a socially conscious, challenging an…Read more

Full Package

Baby’s distance vision is improving. And she can see everything in full color now. Their hearing is almost fully developed too. When you speak, they probably knows where you are ju…Read more

Why Choose Us

We Simplify Your Work

Every preschool teacher knows that teaching is not just a job, it’s a necessity especially for a growing toddler. Even better with more than one toddler. We have provided what you need to teach well, be efficient and effective. We know you’re busy with the children so we decided to cut to the chase and provide you with a cheat sheet filled with activities, so you can spend less time on paper work.

Over 2600 teachers already think our daycare resources are great, so why not join in. Register now and begin with a 1-year free trial.

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What is your parenting style? Can your parenting style cause your children more harm than good?
October 13, 2020 12:07:43 AM

Please take a moment to think about these questions: Is my parenting style a healthy one for my children? Am I over-parenting or under-parenting? Is my parenting style in my child/children’s best interest? Will my parenting style cripple or enhance my children as they grow into adulthood? Let us start with over-parenting and under-parenting. Research […]

What is normal Speech or Language Development in Children?
October 05, 2020 9:15:34 PM

Just like any other development in children, the age at which children talk or learn language vary. Some start earlier than others. Some are able to say simple words that are used around them often like “mama”, “BaBa” even before their first birthday. However, the fact that your child is not saying words by the […]

How to Create the Perfect Bedtime Routines and Training for Your Child
September 21, 2020 7:26:22 PM

What Time Does Your Child Go To Bed? This is might be a very simple question but you’d be surprised to find out that not many parents insist on proper bedtime for their children. It is also surprising because you would think that parents would be eager to put their children to bed and have […]

Part 2: How much Time Should You Spend Playing with Your Children?
September 14, 2020 1:08:32 PM

Unfortunately, there are very many conflicting answers to this question. There are even studies out there that try to claim that spending quality time playing with children does not benefit children until they are teenagers. But please answer this question for yourself, how realistic is it to expect your teenager to welcome your attempts at […]

Part 1: Do You Play with your Children?
September 14, 2020 1:01:07 PM

Do you create time to play with your child/children? I know that the temptation might be to ignore this question. After all, most parents are busy trying to work, trade, or do business just to see that their children are well-fed, have a roof over their heads, get a good education and wear decent clothes. […]

August 24, 2020 7:20:54 AM

By Dr Bunmi Oyinsan (Copyright) Nighttime potty training is another aspect of raising children which a lot of parents find challenging. Parents get worried when their children who are able to stay dry in the day time keep wetting the bed at night. The truth of the matter is that day time potty training is […]

How to Potty Train Without Stress: Part 3
August 21, 2020 2:56:58 PM

Once the child is comfortable with using the potty. Start teaching them about hygiene. Explain what you’re doing when cleaning them, then encourage them to do it while you watch. Teach them how to wash their hands with soap and water after toilet time. This is another fun part of toilet training because children love […]

How to Potty Train Without Stress: PART 2
August 21, 2020 2:54:44 PM

At least 2 weeks before starting to toilet train, make sure you use specific words like poo, pupu, dudu, or whatever you choose to call it whenever you are changing your toddler’s diaper. Do this consistently. Say things like “you have pooed,” “you peed” “Are you pooping?” etc. so that they start learning the difference […]

When Should You Start Potty Training Your Child?
August 21, 2020 2:49:42 PM

Hi all, I am reposting this for the benefit of our new members and because we would like to continue the discussion with tips on how to potty train over the next few days. Potty training should not depend on exactly how old a child is. Children develop at different rates. So potty training should […]

8 Tips for Effective Napping for Preschoolers
January 28, 2020 4:14:13 PM

Napping can be pretty tough for teachers and for children alike. Here are tips that make it easy for both of you. Regular naptime is a taught exercise for children, so be persistent. We know this sounds weird but this is true.  If naptime is really about discipline, then we must check our expectations.  (I […]

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