How to Potty Train Without Stress: Part 3

  • Once the child is comfortable with using the potty. Start teaching them about hygiene. Explain what you’re doing when cleaning them, then encourage them to do it while you watch. Teach them how to wash their hands with soap and water after toilet time. This is another fun part of toilet training because children love playing with water.
  • Some children will start coming to you when they feel the urge to use the toilet after a few days. Continue to lead them there. Others might start attempting to go there themselves. Both of these efforts need to be encouraged. This is also when most of the accidents happen. It might be frustrating for you because you have to keep cleaning up but please don’t let the child know that you’re feeling overwhelmed. Keep encouraging them to try again.
  • Some children might go a whole day without an accident then boom! They have a series of accidents. Even when this happens, continue to praise them for the effort. Say things like: “I know you tried to get to the potty. I am so proud of you for trying!” “Wow! You tried to pull down your pants, good job!”
  • Expect accidents, remember to tell them its okay, and even if you feel disappointed or frustrated, do not show it. Change and clean your child and let them know they can try again.
  • If you find you are getting annoyed or even feeling like your toddler isn’t trying, leave off potty training for a while and try starting again in a few days or after about a week. Punishment or scolding does not help with toilet training, it only makes the child anxious and tense which will only lead to more accidents.
  • How long will it take to toilet train your child? As I said earlier, it’s impossible for anyone to prescribe how long toilet training will take. After a couple of few weeks, some children will get used to the scheduled potty times and start remaining dry during most of the day while it might take others longer to get used to it.

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